Mamoru Miyao, a.k.a. Seiyuu God, announced that all 135 of his songs are now available on digital subscription services. You can check out his music on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, and LINE MUSIC. All songs were made available as of January 29.

This also came when Miyano released his 18th single, LAST DANCE, which is also available on the aforementioned streaming services. Also included is his first remix album M & M REMIX which was previously bundled with his music video collection DVD/Blu-ray back in July 2014.

Also, in order to celebrate his music going digital, he released a sequel to M & M REMIX which is available today. This is his first album that is ONLY available on digital. So if you enjoyed Mamoru Miyano in Steins;Gate, Star Driver, Tokyo Ghoul, Zombieland Saga, Ajin, Bungo Stray Dogs, or any other series… feel free to check out his musical side!


Source: Crunchyroll

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