Here’s a look at the PlayStation 5 Dev Kit thanks to a soon to be fired cleaner

Well, someone is going to lose their job or worse, after posting what appears to be a PlayStation 5 devkit.


Image courtesy of /r/PS5/

Today, images of a PlayStation 5 devkit and a Dualshock 5 controller posted onto the internet. With it came the message “Not sure it’s in the right place. But…. My first cleaning of prototype 1 of PS5. Yes my job is a cleaner occasionally at U……. Please do not share this.” This was taken at a studio that starts with “U”, which we can only assume is Ubisoft.


Of course, this was shared and had already spread across the internet. Which I’m sure was the original intent. I just hope whoever shared this realizes they’re not only going to be without a job. But will have also the Sony dogs of war after them.  Sadly, whoever did this didn’t do a good job of trying to hide their identity. As part of this name is clearly visible, unless he or she is posting false info to throw people off their trail.

In this image, it’s very hard to make out what’s on the LCD on the screen. But is also similar to another leaked PS5 devkit leak that surfaced towards the end of the year.

I guess everyone wants those 15 minutes of fame, even at the cost of their jobs. Good job, Patrick… assuming that’s your real name.

Leaked PS5 Devkit

Image courtesy of /r/PS5/

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