Developer Of Skies of Arcadia Wants A Sequel

After my constant preaching, we may have some sparks of hope of a Skies of Arcadia sequel.

On January 13, Kenji Hiruta, one of the original programmers of the Dreamcast original, went onto Twitter to conduct a giveaway of a new original illustration of  Vyse from the game from  the game’s original illustrator Itsuki Hoshi. After seeing a great response and the fans expressing their love of the game, he express hope & desire that SEGA would notice a movement of sort from the fans to consider a sequel.


Though it does come at odds with game’s producer Rieko Kadama, in which she said on an interview with Kotaku last year, stating the game doesn’t need a sequel & dismissing any chances of a port on PC or Switch.


Still, a fan can dream and here hoping SEGA listens to the fans request of another game in that world. Hear that SEGA!? We want another!

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