The CW “Arrowverse” has come a long way since the days of just Arrow, it’s now many franchises strong, and more are on the way. But before that next generation can come, the current crop of heroes need to rally together for the sake of the Multiverse. A Crisis is coming…a Crisis On Infinite Earths.

The event was teased last year with the arrival of The Monitor, and ever since then the Arrowverse has been building up to the end. The end of Arrow, the possible end of Barry Allen, and the potential end of the Multiverse itself. Now, we get to see just how grim things are as the first trailer for Crisis On Infinite Earths has arrived, and there are a few shockers in store for you.

There’s also a new infinite amount of teases. Including Supergirl’s version of Superman meeting Tom Welling’s Smallville version of the character. Supergirl and Batwoman meeting Kingdom Come Bruce Wayne, the recruitment of Black Lightning, and the teasing of the “7 Heroes” who can save the Multiverse.


Oh, and the death of a key Earth…so there’s that too. You can watch the full trailer below, and be ready this Sunday when the Crisis begins on the CW!

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