The 450 Wrestling Podcast is ready to break down the week that was in wrestling! And what a week it was, punctuated by one of the crew being at AEW Dynamite!

But first, the guys look at WWE and their offerings during the week. Was Raw and Smackdown any better than last week (hint: it wasn’t), was NXT better after their very uneven show the previous week (hint: yes, yes it was), the guys discuss and break it down.

Then, AEW had one of their best shows in recent memory, including multiple 4-star matches as rated by the guys! Then, Todd regales them with all the adventures he had at the show, including unveiling his dream project, the #AEWComic! (listen in for details on how to get the, and then support the movement by giving this tweet an RT!)


Finally, the team talks about some of the news stories from around the world of wrestling, including Jon Moxley confirming a match for the US Title at WrestleKingdom 14, and the latest on the ACH situation!

So join in and get in on the action in the 450 Wrestling Podcast!

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