The 450 Wrestling Podcast is here, and with Survivor Series now over and Raw, Smackdown and NXT trying to keep the momentum from the unified PPV, the guys talk about what worked, what needs to change, and more!

First up, Survivor Series, was the PPV better than the guys thought it would be? What matches stood out? What match was majorly hyped, but failed to live up to it? And did Raw and Smackdown keep things fresh and fun to keep fans entertained?

And what about NXT? After their Survivor Series win, did they keep things fun? Or did they continue to make curious matches? And why does Todd think that AEW wasn’t as good as it should’ve been this week?


Finally, the guys talk about three unprofessional men in the wrestling world right now and why their actions are terrible.

So come get in the action and jump into the ring with the 450 Wrestling Podcast!

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