What happens when to your games if Stadia Pro expires?

Now that Stadia is out (well, partially) there seems to be quite the confusion on several things. Mostly, thanks to Google’s lack of explanation on pretty much everything surrounding the game streaming service. One such confusion is the Stadia Pro subscription and what happens to your games if that subscription lapses.

It was assumed that if you let your Stadia Pro subscription lapse, you’ll lose access to those games. Which makes sense, just like on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. If you stop paying, you lose access to those games they provide you every month. The problem here is Google wasn’t forthcoming on if this is how their service will work.

So we reached to Google, and they have confirmed that if you stop paying the $9.99 fee, you WILL lose access to those free games. Seeing how Destiny 2 and Samurai Shodown are the two games offered right now, you’d lose access to those. This holds true for any other games that are provided throughout the life of the service.


This does not impact any games that you may have purchased on your own. This includes games that were purchased with the Stadia Pro discount as well. Anything purchased outside of Stadia Pro will still be accessible. Of course, without the Stadia Pro perks such as 4K/60FPS (that doesn’t even work atm).

While this doesn’t ease the pain points of the current status of Stadia. At least it does clear the air as to what happens to your games if your subscription stops for one reason or another.

Google Stadia Founder Editions have all been delivered, while the Premiere Editions will start to ship on November 25th, 2019.


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