Welcome back to Spectator Mode Podcast episode 40. Topics include Pokemon Sword and Shield hands-on, as well as our impressions of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Bugs? Did someone mention bugs cause we’ve seen plenty. Thankfully Keith didn’t get that Xbox One Elite Controller series 2 as there are some major issues with that thing. And we finish up with should technical issues in games result in a lower score.

That and more in this episode of Spectator Mode Podcast.



  • Intro – 0:00
  • Games we’ve played this week (Pokemon Sword and Shield, Stormland) – 1:50
  • Xbox One Elite Controller Series Two has some problems – 31:45
  • Xbox brought the heat with x019 (recap) – 34:00
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order impressions and lots of bugs – 55:26
  • Should technical issues affect review scores – 1:09:23
  • What did Karl acquire this week -1:25:20
  • Outro – 1:29:52

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