Red Dead Redemption II’s PC launch wasn’t the one I was looking forward to

Red Dead Redemption II will melt your PC

Now that Red Dead Redemption II is available for PC, many PC gamers, myself included, jumped at the chance to play it. This was the chance to finally play the game with higher textures, 4K60 FPS, and everything else that comes with playing PC games. Except, we were wrong, oh so wrong.

Sadly, the launch of Red Dead Redemption II on the PC has been a mess. Between the constant crashing of the game, audio issues, or failure of just starting the game. Sure, PC gaming is known for having issues but there are just times where it feels like better QA would have resolved some of these issues.

For those trying to run the game at 4K and maxed-out settings, just give up. It simply isn’t possible, even with an RTX 2080 Ti. We’re pretty much seeing the very same thing that happened all those years ago with Crysis. There was a reason why the meme “But can it play Crysis” became a thing. Try as myself and many others did we simply couldn’t get the game to run at the god-tier resolution at 4K. Even dropping down the settings to medium-high as Nvidia suggests doesn’t help in some cases as it still dips below 60.


My experiences so far haven’t been pleasant, but I’m still trying to get an optimal configuration. I refuse to let this game get the better of me.

Thankfully, Nvidia was on hand to provide some insightful in their recent blog post. They’ve even recommended that even those with an RTX 2080 Ti to use medium-high settings, while others should try to upscale to 4K. So much for the latest and greatest GPU being up to the task. There’s some helpful info in this post, read up.

Red Dead Redemption II GPU guide

I’d imagine that once Rockstar Games gets it together and further optimizes the game, that we’ll see a better product. They’re not known for their stellar PC ports, as the release of Grand Theft Auto V on the PC was equally as bad at launch. But once the issues were worked out, the game ended performing very well. Which is what we’re hoping will happen with Red Dead Redemption II.


Eventually and hopefully.

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