There was no doubt in anyone’s minds that Pokemon Sword and Shield were going to be major hits when they released on the Nintendo Switch, even with all the controversy surrounding them. And now, in the UK, we have the first look at sales for the games via GameIndustry.Biz.

So, in terms of their sales on the charts, Pokemon Sword, Shield, and the Duo Pack have been ranked at #1, #3, and #7! That’s impressive considering some of the other games they’ve gone up against like Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

What’s more, according to the charts and sales figures, Pokemon Sword and Shield is the biggest exclusive launch of the year in the region, they’re also the third biggest launch of the year when including multi-platform games (only behind FIFA 20 and Modern Warfare) and they’re the second biggest Pokemon launch ever.


While we don’t have exact sales, they did note that compared to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee the games have sold over 50% percent more than them. And it should be noted that those games are well over 10 million units sold when you combine their figures. So they sold more than that.

All told, it looks like Pokemon Sword and Shield are going to be in for a great number of sales once the numbers come in for all regions. Expect our review of the game soon!

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