After a health scare, Jun Maeda stepped away from the gaming scene. That absence is now over as it was announced that he is returning with a brand-new game called Heaven Burns Red… but this isn’t a visual novel that he’s typically known for but, instead, an RPG! This will be Maeda’s first new game in 13 years! Key and WFS will be developing the game while Maeda will be providing the game’s scenario.

While that scenario remains a secret, it was revealed that Maeda is also producing music for the game and is teaming up with Nagi Yanagi who is providing the game’s main theme song called “Before I Rose.”

Jun Maeda produced critically-acclaimed visual novels such as Kanon, Air, Clannad, Little Busters, Rewrite, and Angel Beats… all of which have received anime adaptations over the years. This new RPG, Heaven Burns Red, is slated for mobile devices running iOS and Android and will be slated for a release at some point in 2020.



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