Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia Issue #4 Review

Title: Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia Issue #4
Author: Ed Kuehnel/Matt Entin (Story), Dan Schkade (Art), Marissa Louise (Color)
Publisher: Suspicious Behavior Productions, LLC, Starburns
Language: English
Format: Digital
Pages: 27
Genre: Sci-Fi, Wrestling
Publication Date: October 30, 2019

The Story

The fourth issue of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia sees catches up with Rory, Don, and Macho after their car was totaled. They make their way to Duke City Sunsplash where they are ambushed by more galactic wrestlers. It’s a brutal battle; however, a run-in occurs and their bacon gets saved! After a rather… unfortunate… adventure in a bar, Rory decides to split off on his own; however, his decision to do so doesn’t come without consequences!

The story is progressing pretty nicely here in the fourth issue! Things are coming together for the inevitable showdown between Rory and Manifest Destiny. As usual, the cheeky wrestling comedy was here in full force and it made this issue, yet, another entertaining read! I also caught the Scott Steiner reference (among others) in there which garnered a good laugh from me.



Rory is in a weird spot right now but I’d like to think of it as a transitional period. He started off as your typical egotistical main eventer but then he dwindled down to washed-up has been who had lost his drive among other things. Now, he’s gotten a bit of that cockiness back that brought him to prominence (for better or for worse) so many years ago but it’s already getting him into trouble. What I got from this issue was that the old Rory was never truly gone. It just needed a swift big boot to the face in order to bring it back out. Still, no matter what, the past continues to haunt Rory but he’s too stubborn to deal with it head-on.

Derek, Daryl, Mangrum, and Linda added some fresh air to the cast. It makes the world that these characters live in that much bigger. Getting their backstories, especially catching up on the history between Linda and Rory, helps build upon these characters and makes you feel the connection between them. Derek and Daryl are just fun characters and are clearly just a representation of the culture of some talent backstage today. Just having these two there in the story kind of gives us a present-day representation rather than just rooting the series completely in the older golden days. It’s a nice blend, even if it’s subtle.

Final Thoughts

I’m continuing to have fun with this series. While some issues have given us the larger-than-life, cheesy plot of an alien race of aliens invading the planet for the sake of universal domination, we get issues like this where it brings things back down to Earth and explores the more human side of the characters and the story… while keeping the zaniness intact!

While the focus here was on Rory and our new characters, the seeds continued to be planted which will eventually lead to the big payoff match in the end. Nothing felt like it was on a back burner here as all of the story aspects got their time to shine and felt important.


Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia continues to prove to be a tremendous read that should be enjoyed by any wrestling fan!

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