If you felt betrayed by Anthem’s attempt to create an exciting MMO powered by exosuit heroes and dangerous aliens, then you might be in luck when you see Plan 8.

From Pearl Abyss, the developers behind Black Desert Online, comes a brand new shooter MMO that’s all about Terminator-style aliens and Edge of Tomorrow-style exoskeletons. We don’t know much about the game, other than we’ve got a Tom Cruise lookalike in a favela fighting deadly robots hell-bent on killing humans.


The gameplay shown off in the trailer is very vague, but the game promises “interesting and mysterious storylines” while some how combining the MMORPG combat mechanics Pearl Abyss is known for with mechanics found in shooters. One aspect in particular that’s interesting is, while the majority of the Black Desert Online team is part of the development team, they’ve also brought on Minh Le as technical advisor for the game.

Co-creator of the original Counter-Strike mod of Half-Life, Le is a solid choice for guiding the development of shooter mechanics from a studio that’s never entered the genre prior. It’ll be interesting to see how they meld the two genres together, considering franchises like Destiny and The Division have already paved the way for this new hybrid genre to varying degrees of success.

While there’s no concrete release date currently planned for the game, Plan 8 was one of many games announced at G-Star 2019, and may be slated to release late 2020.

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