Is Dante making his way into Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

For weeks, and honestly months, we’ve been hearing rumor after rumor about who was going to be the next and final character in the first Fighter Pack for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and we’ve heard a LOT of rumors from the plausible (Geno, Sora, Rayman, etc.) to the ridiculous (Professor E. Gadd, Doomguy, Gordon Freeman from Half-Life), and it’s getting really annoying. But, with the lastest rumors comes a potentially coincidental twist that many are latching onto.

Mainly that the latest rumors states that Dante from Devil May Cry is coming to the game. Now, the “rule” about 3rd party characters (which you can look up and find evidence for…) is that any 3rd party character brought to Smash has to have been on a Nintendo platform before. This year, Dante came to the Switch via his original game, and Devil May Cry 3 is coming out for it soon, even getting a special edition, so his appearances on the system line up. But, that’s not the only hook here. Because just announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a new Spirit Board event…featuring Resident Evil characters.

As you’ll see in the tweet below, we’re getting four classic RE characters on the board, and if you’re on the board, you’re likely not a playable character. Dante is not on the Spirit Board (yet…) further lending credence that it could be Dante coming to Ultimate.

Most people acknowledge that the reveal for WHOEVER is the 5th character of the first pack will be revealed at The Game Awards on December 12th. Which would be perfect because Ultimate is nominated for Game of the Year.

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