Anonymous Noise Vol. 17 Review

Title: Anonymous Noise Vol. 17
Author: Ryoko Fukuyama
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Genre: Shojo, Romance
Publication Date: November 5, 2019

The Story

Here we are… the volume before the grand finale and things have taken shape to where the series is preparing for its end. In NO Hurry to Shout goes on their hiatus after their final concert but I can’t help but feel that the hiatus was extremely rushed. Yuzu travels over Europe with his mother in hopes that she will finally accept their father’s death. Fukuyama did spend enough time to drive home the journey but I felt that it was resolved a little too quickly. We did get some progression with our characters in such a way where it set up the ends of their stories but the entire hiatus arc felt like such a waste.

No real focus was put on other characters as they chose to focus on Nino doing a duet with Mitsu and Nino singing with Momo/Silent Black Kitty. I get that everything revolves around Nino but it would have been nice to see all of the other characters go their separate ways. Maybe the publisher wanted the series to end, thus forcing us into this situation but if this was by the will of the mangaka, then we could have gotten at least another 1-2 volumes for a proper hiatus arc.


In any event, the hiatus ended as quickly as it began with both Silent Black Kitty and In NO Hurry to Shout getting invited to Rock Horizon as headliners. Momo wants Nino to sing a song he wrote for her during the performance since it is likely that they’ll be booked on the same stage so they won’t be playing at the same time. This is where our volume comes to a close.

So, the stage is set for Rock Horizon. It’s the final showdown between Yuzu and Momo for Nino’s love and attention. Fitting that this is how the series will end; however, there were some parts here, character-wise, that didn’t sit well with me.


The part that didn’t sit well with me was Yuzu. Fukuyama went back and forth between Yuzu’s trip and a flashback where he had a conversation with Momo prior to leaving. It is here that he is saying that Nino is free. What Yuzu meant was Nino was free to do what she wanted during the hiatus, but deep down, I have a feeling that Yuzu meant that he gave up on chasing Nino and is basically handing her over to Momo on a silver platter. Sure, there seem to be some embers of their rivalry left but is Yuzu really going to go through with it? He was unable to pull the trigger this entire time and his cryptic declaration and saying that he wants things to work out for Nino in a what where it will make him regret it all point to the fact that Yuzu threw in the towel and has pulled out of this battle, meaning that Momo and Nino will be shipped at the end of this series.

I hate that ending because I really hate the Momo character. Coming off as a male tsundere character, constantly flip-flopping with his emotions, being indecisive, pushing Nino away despite wanting to be with her, being cold and calloused towards her then leading her on as her boyfriend and not being truly happy. His character was a complete and total mess. On the other side, you have Yuzu who unconditionally loves Nino, has written music for her and has done everything in his power to be her support… even when it came to conflicts she had with Momo. Yuzu was the obvious best choice for Nino to end up with but I just have this really bad feeling that Yuzu is done. His chances are null and void and it will be a complete and total shock in the end if she ends up picking him over Momo.


I just don’t see the point at all in having Momo and Nino together. Hopefully, I’ll be proven wrong, but if it goes through, Yuzu may just go down as one of the most wasted manga character in the romance genre.

Speaking of romance… congrats to An and Kuro for almost getting together. The moment we’ve been waiting for happened and then there was nothing but embarrassment and silence. Kuro takes the reigns once again and tries to solidify the deal and form the relationship only to be met with a non-answer as the story just shifts away abruptly. I guess we’ll see the outcome of Kuro’s confession in the epilogue.

Haruyoshi and Miou are still are cute as ever. More couples stuff with them happens in this volume and it makes you laugh and makes you feel for Miou with having to put up with a snarky guy like Haruyoshi. Their relationship is extremely weird but it works and it is entertaining!

Final Thoughts

With the stage set (both literally and proverbially) for the series ending, there’s not much I can say as far as predictions go. I said all that I wanted to say about it up in the characters section. Part of me wants to go read the scanlations to find out what happens but I think it’s a bit healthier to have that suspense and wait for the official English release which is coming in January 2020. Just two more months to wait to find out how this all ends.

I know that if Momo and Nino get shipped… to some, it’s your perfect ending and I’ll be happy for you if it is. For me, that is the dumpster fire ending that shouldn’t be. I’ll be rooting for some Deus Ex Machina plot device to get Nino and Yuzu together. Who knows? Maybe we’ll all be swerved and An will reject Kuro and go out with Nino instead and we’ll get a yuri ending!

Now THAT would be a true dumpster fire and a complete waste of 18 volumes of material!


Either way… brace yourselves. The ending is coming!

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