The 450 Wrestling Podcast is back on its regular time, and after a curious week of quality wrestling and “quality wrestling”, the guys have a lot to discuss! For better or worse!

First off, Raw and Smackdown happened, and it wasn’t good! Todd is not happy with what is going on here, and that is only just the beginning! Then, AEW had their first show since Full Gear, but did it meet the expectations of the PPV’s fallout? One of them doesn’t think so and it’ll surprise you who it is!

Then, NXT had a show that has the guys conflicted, and the Invasion angle is starting to fall flat, but why is that exactly? The guys break it down!


Finally, there’s been a LOT of backstage news going on in wrestling, especially WWE. CM Punk is “back”, more WWE superstars are requesting their release, ACH is gone, and Rusev is proving how much WWE is trying to brainwash their talent.

So listen in and get in the ring on the action on the 450 Wrestling Podcast!

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