What exactly is Mixer’s new Streamer Progression program

Recently, I noticed a slight change to the Mixer website, something that wasn’t there a day ago or even earlier today.

At the top of the site, there is a new link called “Stream on Mixer“. Clicking this link takes you to a new section of the website that has various other links and info., along with several partners talking about why they joined Mixer. Among those are ways to become a partner, a verified channel link and a new section of the site called “Streamer Progression“.

Mixer streamer progression

Once arriving at this page, you’re presented with “Building a community takes dedication. With Streamer Progression, we’re sharing the tools to take your community even further” and “Our preview starts with Ember skills, and we’re adding new streamers every day. Sign up below, and we’ll reach out via email when we’re ready for you to get started.”. There’s also a new status called Hobbyist, which I haven’t see on this website before and an apply button.

Being the curious person I am, I clicked the button. This takes you to a form where you can apply to the “Mixer Streamer Progression Preview”. This form simply asks for your name, if you actively stream on Mixer and what your concurrent viewership has been for the past 30 days. Once you fill out the info and submit it, that’s it. According to the form, someone will reach out to you in a few days to let you know where you stand.

Judging by the name and a bit of speculation, it would appear that Mixer is looking to start some sort program to help new streamers. I’m guessing something similar to Twitch’s Achievement program, where it lays out steps on how to grow a community and tracks your progress. Again, that’s speculation on my part. But if this turns out to be exactly what this is, then this is very exciting as smaller streamers have been asking for something similar to Twitch’s program for a while now. If Mixer is now providing the tools, providing the guidance to help those who want to start streaming and create a community, then that’s great.

I haven’t heard anything from Mixer regarding this and I haven’t seen a press release for this. So that could mean that they’re planning on talking about it soon, or maybe this was pushed out ahead of time.

Either way, I’ll be sure to let everyone know what happens and if I hear a reply back from Mixer.

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