450 Wrestling Podcast

The 450 Wrestling Podcast – Episode 15 – Creative “Differences”

The 450 Wrestling Podcast is here once more, and with another week of wrestling in the books, the guys take stock and lay out who were the winners and losers of the bunch!

First off, Todd recaps both RAW and Smackdown, did anything stand out, or did it all fall flat once again?

Then, the team talks AEW, and the guys noted a somewhat disturbing trend that is occurring with the tag team matches on the cards. Are there too many tag team matches in AEW right now? And where are all the singles matches for the female wrestlers?

Next, on NXT, the night was full of squash matches, why is that? What is NXT trying to do here?

Add to that, the latest ratings results, JR firing back at fans who question his intent, and more!

So join in on the action and check out the 450 Wrestling Podcast!