The DC Comics/CW collaborations that have been going on for the last 8+ years are arguably one of the greatest things to ever happen to superheroes. Both mainstream and “B-List” superheroes have been getting their time to shine, and now one of the biggest characters in all of DC Comics looks to be getting his own show once again on the CW. As a Superman & Lois Lane series is apparently in the works.

To be clear, this is a spinoff of the Supergirl series that is in its fifth season at the CW, and will use the Superman they introduced via Tyler Hoechlin. As well as the Lois Lane portrayed by Elizabeth Tulloch that debuted in last year’s crossover Elseworlds.

Unlike The Adventures of Lois and Clark, or Smallville, this series will feature Superman & Lois Lane as parents (of which Lois was pregnant in Elseworlds and will give birth soon) to a child in this modern world and the difficulties of being “working parents” while also raising a child.

At present, the show is only now just getting made, so it’s unknown if it’ll be another full-season show or a more limited series like Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow. Still, with its arrival and the success of Batwoman, as well as the starting of Green Arrow and the Canaries, the CW seems to be on a roll with getting new series on their docket.

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