Oh boy. Here comes another harem romcom anime to add its name to the pile of so-so hit-or-miss shows within the genre. If only someone could do something different with this genre, it would be a breath of fresh air and… wait a minute… did Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo just do something different!? Maybe…

Let’s Go!


First Episode Synopsis

We are introduced to our main protagonist Kisaragi (Joro) who is just your normal, boring, plain as bread teenage boy. If you’ve seen the timid male lead archetype before, you’re not missing out on anything much here. Typical shounen boy design, tons of indecisions, blah blah. You know the drill. Somehow, though, his childhood friend Aoi (Himawari), and the class president, Sakura (Cosmos) seem to have a crush on Joro., They both ask him out on separate dates on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Up first is his date with Cosmos in which she confesses her love…. For his friend Taiyou (Sun). Broken and dejected, he goes on the date with Himawari and she ends up confessing her love… for Sun.

Now, Joro is roped into helping both Himawari and Cosmos get together with Sun. It’s at this point where the anime takes a turn because Joro is NOT the timid, insecure main character archetype after all. Instead, Joro is devilish, scheming, and worked really hard to play the part of the cutesy, clueless boy in order to score a date with one of the two of them. With his plans backfiring, he decides to potentially ruin their chances with Sun and whichever one is left over, he’ll swoop in and scoop them up for himself! This was actually foreshadowed by showing a book at the very start… a rather famous book, indeed. That book was the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Joro is in no mood to deal with their Cosmos or Himawari so he hides out in the library and runs into the aide there named Sumireko. Sumireko simply wants to talk to Joro but Joro would rather be left alone. That’s when Sumireko drops the bomb on us telling Joro that she’s a stalker and knows about his split personality. She blackmails Joro into hearing her out in which she confesses her love… for Joro! The only problem is, she’s in love with his devilish side and not the fake personality that he shows to HImawari and Cosmos. The only issue is, Joro has no interest in her!

Let the mayhem begin!


Worth Watching?

MAYBE – A show like this can either be hit or miss but I do have to give OreSuki credit… it is trying something different and making things interesting. The only problem is that shows like these tend to front-load their first episodes and then turn the dial way down after that, only to pick back up towards the end. Granted, there was enough here to hook me and get me to keep watching. Some of the comedy bits were pretty funny and I found myself having a good laugh at them. Needless to say, it made a great first impression on me.

So, why not give this a YES? I didn’t want to because something about this type of show bugs me. I’ve seen it happen before with Watamote where it had a really interesting premise but it just fell into a repeating situational rut and it didn’t really seem all that funny anymore. I wonder if this show can actually keep remaining fresh from week-to-week without overplaying the whole Jekyll/Hyde thing. If they stick to that as the main gimmick and make it the focus, this show is going to fail. However, if they take some time and do some real character and story development, then we might have a winner on our hands. Just playing it cautious with this one but so far, it’s off to a great start!

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