Oh Riverdale. Once, we all thought you were a normal, if a little corny, murder mystery teen show. Then somehow it all flew off the rails, jumped the shark, and now here we are, fourth season about to begin and nothing feels real anymore. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer, released during NYCC, for yourself:

So, to recap everything that happened in that jam-packed three minutes we’ve got Archie’s dad dying, Archie opening the gym as a youth center and (potentially?) becoming a masked vigilante, Jughead going to a private prep school, Veronica being under siege by the paparazzi after her incarcerated father leaks all she’s been doing, Cheryl Blossom is messing with a ouija board and a haunted doll, Betty’s mom who is an undercover FBI informant infiltrating the cult from last season is still missing, there’s lots of making out and shirtless buff dudes, guns, beatings, and chaos. Does anyone else suddenly feel like they need a nap?

We already know that the first episode of this new season will feature Shannen Doherty as a tribute to Luke Perry, the actor who played Archie’s father Fred, but there are bigger questions to answer. We still don’t know how this season will connect with the cliffhanger ending from season 3 where Betty, Archie, and Veronica are burning their clothes as well as Jughead’s beanie. And why is Cheryl messing around with a doll? Why does Betty have a gun and beret in that final scene? Are these kids actually getting an education here cause I’m starting to worry.

We can see that the main cast will all be back to reprise their roles, save for the late Luke Perry. Still could this be the end of Riverdale? After all, once they graduate from high school, what is there to keep them together? We will just have to wait and see what plot contrivances they choose to go with this time.

Riverdale Season 4 premieres on the CW on October 9, 2019.

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