The next big thing since the Minecraft bee is here: the Minecraft fox. Today’s Minecraft update adds a host of new features and items, most notably the game’s long-teased character creator. While available in the Java version for a while now, these new additions are hitting the Bedrock edition of Minecraft today.

The foxes were voted on by Minecraft fans as the next mob that should be added to the game, and it turns out Minecraft players really wanted foxes. These cuddly creatures hunt chickens and are most active at night time, choosing to sleep in the shade during the day. They can even be tamed by feeding them two berries!


Foxes aren’t the only mob added in Minecraft update 1.13.0. Brown mooshrooms can appear when red mooshrooms are struck by lightning, and using a bowl on them after feeding them flowers will get you some suspicious stew. The stew grants players various potion effects, and the type of flower fed to the mooshroom will determine the stew’s effects. The new Wither rose is hinted to have powerful effects when used in a suspicious stew, and this new item finally gives players a reason to hunt the Wither.

Outside of mobs and items, Mojang has also added a new structure to the game: abandoned villages. Also on the village side of things, a new celebration event has been added that occurs when Pillagers successfully raid a village.

Other minor additions include five new types of dead coral that should spice up things under the sea, as well as new note block instruments for all you music makers out there. Placing certain blocks like glowstone, packed ice, hay bales, and pumpkins under note blocks will change the instrument that the note block plays, which should allow for some pretty interesting compositions. This is also a nice way to give underutilized blocks some time in the spotlight.

The biggest addition in the 1.13.0 update, however, is the character creator. Instead of being forced to use skins, players can now create their own personal character from scratch, being able to freely edit body shape and size, limbs, eyes, hair, and all that fun stuff. More than 100 items are available for free, but there are premium accessories created by the Minecraft team that can be purchased. Traditional skins are still available and can still be imported just like before.


To check out the full list of patch notes, including bug fixes and experimental features, you can check out the official list here.

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