Nothing beats going on a quest — the camaraderie, battling baddies, and that sweet prize waiting at the end. For brothers Ian and Barley, though, this quest hits a little closer to home, as we see in the first full trailer for Pixar’s Onward.

As you can see from the trailer, the brothers receive a staff that lets them perform magic. It comes with a spell that will let them see their father, who has passed away, for 24 hours. Ian, however, has never been taught magic and thus when he tries the spell, it…well it doesn’t go quite the way they wanted it to. So they pack up into the van and go out to find a way to fix their mistake and get to see their father once more. Rabid unicorns, biker pixies, and the ride of a lifetime await!


The film stars Tom Holland as Ian, an elf who definitely has more grounded sensibilities than his older brother Barley, played by Chris Pratt, who is more into magic and the mystical. Their mother is played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. We also know that Octavia Spencer has a role, but it remains unnamed. The film is directed by Dan Scanlon, who has worked on various Disney and Pixar projects but most recently wrote and directed Monsters University.

Pixar has a weird habit of hiding their plot for as long as possible in the trailers, so it’s weird that we’re getting such a clear plotline in this one. Could there be something we’re not seeing yet? Still, Onward looks like a lot of fun and there are bound to be twists and turns along the way.

Need more cute in your day? You can watch our lead voice actors watch the trailer for the first time:


Onward premieres in theaters on March 6, 2020.

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