Google’s Stadia has already been perceived as a failure in the eyes of many, for good reason. Now it seems that those who purchased the Stadia Founder’s and Premiere Editions may not even have them when the service launches.

According to a report by The Verge, Google has stated that they’ll be shipping out the Founders and Premiere Editions on a first-come basis. Meaning, if you were one of the first to order the service then you might get yours by the launch date. This also means that by default, anyone who pre-ordered the Premiere Editions are already at the end of the line.

It’s a safe bet that if you were one of those who pre-ordered the day the orders, you’ll get one. Eventually. There’s a possibly Stadia orders may be delivered within the first two weeks of the launch. Why can’t this be sent out a week before the launch? It’s just a Google Chromecast and a controller. Is that really so hard?


This just seems like a bad joke at this point. How is there a possibility that on the day of launch, those who pre-ordered the system won’t even have them in hand? It’s not like you can head to the local Best Buy to pick up the Stadia, either.

At this point, it just feels like Google either doesn’t care and wants to upset Stadia’s potential audience. Or that they just don’t care, which can’t be it. Given the amount of time and resources, they’ve spent on getting Stadia up and running.

So, what gives here, Google?

I pre-ordered the Stadia Founder’s Edition on June 6th, let’s see if it gets here by the launch date.


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