Destiny 2’s new finishers takes a cue from fighting games

With the release of Bungie’s Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, we got a brand new expansion with tons of cool and mysterious content to explore. New missions, lots of new quests, a new dungeon and the all-new finishing moves. Which are exactly what they sound like, A chance for you to kill off your foe in a stylish fashion.

Finish them!

Taking their cue from a fighting game, the finishers allow you to decimate your non-human opponent.  Once an enemy’s health gets to a certain point, a small glowing orb will appear on its head, signaling it’s time to wreck them. Then all you have to do is hit “G” if you’re on the PC or the dedicated button on your controller to execute order 66 the finisher.

Mortal Kombat it ain’t, but damn if it isn’t fun to do.


Destiny 2 Warlock Finishing Move-01

Keep in mind that these finishers are basically high risk, high rewards moves. I say high risk as you have to be up and personal to do the deed. Which isn’t always a good idea if you’re surrounded or the enemy has some friends beside him. Though, they’re definitely high reward as well, since they can reward you and your squad with things such as ammo.

I’ve been most of my time yesterday bashing things in the face with the finishing moves and I simply love it.

Changing up your finishing move

While you start off with just one finishing move, you can pick up a few others. By heading to Tess Everis at the Eververse Store, or the new store tab in the director, you can purchase several others. Yes, these do cost silver, meaning you gotta fork over some real money. So the decision to grab some new ones is up to you. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can also grind them out via the paid season pass. Just remember these only change the cosmetic look of the finisher, not the bonuses that come with them.


Destiny 2 finishing moves cost silver


Now get out to the moon and show off those finishing moves and be sure to check back for more Destiny 2: Shadowkeep content.

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