The CW debut two freshman shows this year, giving them a limited release to test out the waters for interest. The first is Batwoman, which follows Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin, who fights crime. The second is Nancy Drew, one of the many reimaginings of the classic literary detective. Well, fans of these shows have reason to rejoice — they’ve both gotten the order to go through with a full first season.

Both shows will get an additional nine episodes and will be considered for renewal for their next season. Batwoman premiered to 1.8 million viewers on October 6th, and Nancy Drew pulled in 1.1 million on its premiere date.

Batwoman is the latest of the CW’s run of DC shows known as the Arrowverse, along with The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and Supergirl. In it, Kate Kane (played by Ruby Rose) must take over for her cousin Batman, who has disappeared, in order to protect Gotham while overcoming her own demons.


Nancy Drew is a modern, slightly-Riverdale-esque retelling of the classic tory by Carolyn Keene. Nancy Drew (played by Kennedy McMann) solves mysteries in her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine until her mother is murdered, throwing her off-track and derailing her plans for college. She decides to stop sleuthing entirely, until she and a bunch of other teens are the top suspects in another gruesome killing.

Both Batwoman and Nancy Drew are currently airing on the CW.

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