Analogue’s Pocket brings the Gameboy into the modern day

Analogue, the company that brought life to the Mega Sg and Super Nt, has announced a Gameboy pocket clone called Pocket. Yep, you can start getting excited.

Pocket, when available will be able to play all of the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games. It can also play cartridges from other systems such as the Neo Geo Pocket, Atari Lynx and several others thanks to swappable cartridge adapters. Analogue also wants everyone to know, that just like their other products, this is all hardware-based. There’s zero emulation here.

Analogue Pocket image-01


Rocking a 3.5 inch, 615 PPI, LCD screen with a resolution of 1600×1440, the Pocket is going to be super clear. To put that into perspective, the screen has more pixel realestate than the recent Samsung Note 10+ or even the iPhone 11. It’s also 10x the resolution of the original Gameboy, so you’re going to a vast improvement when playing games.

That’s not all as the Pocket will include a USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, a microSD port, and a rechargeable battery. It will also be able to connect to a TV or monitor thanks to the Analogue Dock. Just sync up a wireless controller and you’ll be to do exactly what you can do on the Switch (minus the same games).

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But wait, as there’s even more. Analogue is quite familiar with the chiptune scene and knows that there’s an audience out there who create music on the OG Gameboy. So they’ve also included a built-in synthesizer and sequencer, called Nanoloop for you music creators. It will be able to create and capture whatever masterpieces you create.


All this for just $200, while the Analogue dock pricing will be announced next year. Needless to say, I’m excited about this, and if you’re a retro gamer or like to collect those older games, you should be as well. Right now they haven’t stated when Pocket will go up for sale, but you can sign up for more info on their website here.

Looks like I need to start looking for some of my favorite Gameboy games from my childhood.  Oh, the wifey won’t be too thrilled about that.

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