There’s no denying that when it comes to adding multi-color lights to your office, gaming room or wherever else, it starts to get pricey. Especially one particular brand but for good reason. So what are you to do when the price is out of your range? You find something else, and thankfully several companies have jumped onto the multi-colored LED train.

Below, you’ll find several alternative solutions which are less expensive. Though some may require an additional learning curve, accessories or may not include all the features of the Hue’s. You’ll also need a fixture or lamp to screw them into, but that’s easy resolved by picking up a wall or clamp light fixture. I happen to use the Homedepot HDX clamp light that you can pick up for under $15 and it’s very versatile.

Let’s get to the goods.

Berennis Smart Light Bulb

Berennis Smart Light Bulb

First on our list is the Berennis Smart Light Blub, which comes in a single pack three-pack and can be found at most home improvement stores or Amazon. These are WiFi-enabled, they work with both Google’s and Amazon’s home assistants, or the Android/iOS app. They also don’t require an expensive bridge to get them working. Able to change from 16 million different colors, and shades of white, these are highly recommended.

I’m currently using these in my home and I’ve ordered another set for my office. They’ve performed great and I haven’t encountered any issues as of yet.

Available at Amazon for $29.99.

Add some multi-color goodness to your gaming room on the cheap 1

Jeeo Smart WiFi Light Bulb

Jeeo Smart WiFi Light Bulb

The Jeeo Smart WiFI Light Bulb is also a decent entry on our list. These come in packs of two, four or just a single one. Though for the price, paying $11 for just one doesn’t seem worth it. They’re also compatible with Google and Amazon’s home assistants and have an Android/iOS app. These also output up to 16 million colors and white shades. For the extra cost of these lights, you also gain access to a circadian rhythm mode. This promotes sleep at night and energy during the day.

Available at Amazon starting at $10.99.

Sengled Element Color Plus Smart Light Bulb

Sengled Element Color Plus Smart Light Bulb

The Sengled Element Color Plus Smart Light Bulb has come recommended multiple times in the past. They’re slightly more expensive than the rest of the lights on this list and perform the same tasks. Home integration with Google and Amazon, Android and iOS compatible and feature different modes and 16 million colors/multiple shades of white.

The main key difference is that this particular light bulb does require the use of a hub to network. Which still comes out cheaper than other products that also require a hub.

Available at Amazon, starting at $58.99 for two lights and hub.


So there you go, just a few cheaper solutions to add some color to your gaming room, office, or wherever these lights will come in handy.

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