The 450 Wrestling Podcast is here once more, and with it comes breakdowns of all the big news pieces from the week in wrestling!

First up, Todd breaks down both Raw and Smackdown and what they did right or wrong. And believe it or not, Raw actually did better this week, but Smackdown continues to have flaws that need to be corrected.

Then, the guys dive deep into both AEW and NXT, and talk about what matches they liked, what matches they didn’t, and which of the two won the Wednesday Night War this past week. Plus, a discussion of what it means to be a better show. Does the ending alone mean a better show?


After that, the guys break down other news from the wrestling world, including the ratings for the week, the production costs for episode of AEW, NXT and WWE, as well as controversies involving wrestlers! Of which there seem to be quite a lot from the various brands.

So come on and get in the ring to discuss all the action  on the 450 Wrestling Podcast!

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