To Your Eternity Vol. 6 Review

Title: To Your Eternity Vol. 6
Author: Yoshitoki Oima
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Publication Date: August 21, 2018

The Story

Volume six of To Your Eternity wraps up the Jananda Island arc. After Tonari uses her power as island leader to save everyone she wanted to, she heads back for Fushi who ended up staying behind due to being captured by Hayase. Fushi easily escapes which makes Tonari’s plan of saving him moot. Right after Tonari shows up, the island is attacked by Nokkers. This time, they are using corpses from the island’s corpse pile as zombies to attack anyone and everyone. Tonari and Fushi fight back and that’s when Mia, Uroy, Oopa, Sandel, and Ligard show up to help. Apparently, they left the boat Tonari put them on as well, not wanting to leave without her.

As the Nokkers get dwindled down, Hayase joins the fight and helps them finish the last of them off. Afterward, Sandel and Tonari state that they are not leaving the island. She wishes to transform the island and stop all of the senseless killings on it. She wants to make the island a place for people to change and reform rather than just be a place of endless bloodshed. Fushi ties up Hayase and takes her with him but Hayase is placed on a second boat Fushi makes and is sent away from him as he tells him to go live on her own! That was cold and harsh but once you see Hayase and how mentally broken she had become since the earlier days of the series, you’d understand why that decision was for the best!

After being guided to land by Ligard, Fushi tries to leave Pioran behind but he just can’t do it. She catches him trying to leave a warm jacket for her and the two of them are reunited. It’s off to the next adventure but Fushi experiences a brand-new emotion before that journey can fully begin.

I’m actually surprised that we concluded an arc without a side character dying! Tonari lives, guys! Tonari escapes the wrath of Yoshitoki Oima who is becoming the George R.R. Martin of Japan!

In before Fushi randomly turns into Tonari in a future volume


I think Tonari redeemed herself since the last volume. She became someone you could trust and you could see Fushi becoming attached to her little by little. He was a bit surprised when she decided to stay behind. I do have my doubts that a 14-year-old girl can change an entire island but I guess we will see what happens. Thanks to the resurfacing of Hayase, it’s proven that this series doesn’t just do an arc and moves on. Oima is finding ways to tie in past arcs with each other so I’m sure we will see Tonari or, at least, hear of her in a future volume. Even though I joked, I hope it’s not when Fushi transforms into her unexpectedly. Poor Panoma.

Hayase is a few bricks shy of a house and by a few bricks, I mean all of them. Ever since the March/Panoma arc, she has fallen in love with Fushi… to the point of psychotic obsession. Hell, she drugged Fushi and tried to have sex with him before Tonari and crew showed up looking for him. She would lick his face when he slept and just fawn over him every single chance she got. Needless to say, it was an unhealthy love and it’s quite shocking that Fushi didn’t get confused by it. He doesn’t truly understand the relationship form of love yet and still, he recognized just how damaged those goods were! Good on you, boy! Don’t stick your… whatever you have… in crazy! (Hey, he’s a sphere in a boy’s body who can create anything he wants. How should I know what he keeps in his pants? For all we know, it could be an apple, a piece of paper, or maybe a copy of March. I’m just saying!)

The Man in Black received a tiny bit of development. I can’t say why we know this but apparently he can intercept certain things before they completely travel to places. I’ll just leave it at that but it really makes you wonder just how powerful he really is! After all, he is Fushi’s creator but his limits seem equal to that of a god’s.

Final Thoughts

I thought it was a great finish for the Jananda Island arc. I’m really happy Tonari didn’t die….. for now (I’m watching you Oima! You better not pull the trigger on this one!). Fushi did make it to the forest that Pioran talked about and began his training. That ending page, though… it seems we are seeing the fruits of his training come to fruition. Volume seven looks to be starting a whole new arc and it also looks like we’re doing a time skip to begin it. With a time skip, it makes you wonder how much time really passed and how Tonari, Rean, and Booze Man are doing.

I hope we get to see them in the next volume. It would suck leaving all of those characters behind only to focus on an older-looking Fushi. We also get to wonder just how much stronger he has gotten and if the Nokkers are planning their next move.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series which is no surprise. I loved Koe no Katachi and this is shaping up to be another epic story from Oima!

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