While it wasn’t the most beloved movie critically, Suicide Squad did really well for DC Comics and Warner Bros despite being a “lower-tier” franchise. And now with James Gun, the sequel dubbed “The Suicide Squad” is shaping up to not just be bigger and better, but also, star-studded. Much of the original cast is coming back, but with new additions like Idris Elba, Nathan Fillion, and now…Peter Capaldi!

That’s right, the 12th Doctor is coming to DC Comics according to Deadline. Though like Fillion before him, his role is being kept a secret.

Capaldi has had a very long and award-winning career, but for many, his highlight was doing Doctor Who for three seasons. A role which by his own admission was a “dream come true” because he wanted to be The Doctor for many years. His arrival was a departure from the “younger/attractive” Doctors that many had grown tired of. His wit and gravitas led to many great episodes, including the one he anchored alone in “Heaven Sent”.


The Suicide Squad is set to start filming soon and is aiming for an August 2021 release date.

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