We’re a two-man team this time on the 450 Wrestling Podcast, but trust us when we say we have a LOT to talk about! After all, NXT UK Takeover Cardiff AND All Out happened in one day! So yeah, there’s a lot to break down!

First up, Todd and JJ talk about the UK Takeover. Todd handles the matches and breaks down everything that happened both good and bad. And trust us, there is some bad here!

Then, Todd and JJ break down All Out! The Buy-In, the tag team matches, the singles matches, the men, the women, the surprises, the results, and more! What does All Out say about AEW and its future?


So come and join in on the action and listen to the 450 Wrestling Podcast!

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Todd Black

A self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy, born, bred, and Mushroom fed! He’s owned every Nintendo handheld and every console since the SNES. He loved games so much he went and got a video game degree and dreams of writing video game stories