It wouldn’t be the holiday season without Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. The classic 19th century novel has seen several Hollywood adaptations, including The Muppets Christmas Carol in 1992 and a CGI A Christmas Carol in 2009. Now a new adaptation is coming to town, and this time it’s a musical. According to THR, Sean Anders and John Morris will direct the film, starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. Anders and Morris previously directed Ferrell in the Daddy’s Home movies.

The film won’t be a literal adaptation, but rather a re-imagining of Dickens’s tale about a miserly man who hates Christmas and has the unigue name of Ebeneezer Scrooge. In the novel, Scrooge locks himself away on Christmas, and gets some impromptu visits from three ghosts who aim to teach him the true meaning of Christmas. The upcoming film will re-work the 19th century novel, most notably by making it a musical.

No word yet on who Ferrell and Reynolds will play, although I have my suspicions (Anyone else think that Ferrell could make a mean Scrooge?). The film doesn’t have a studio yet, but several have bid on it. This actually won’t be the first time that Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds have acted together. The two appeared in Dick, the 1999 comedy about the Richard Nixon Watergate Scandal. Recently, Ferrell has starred in The LEGO Movie: Part 2 and Holmes & Watson. Reynolds has recently appeared in Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw as well as Detective Pikachu.

Since the film has yet to start production,  there’s no chance that it’ll arrive this Christmas. Perhaps it’ll bring some yuletide cheer (and bah-humbugs) on Christmas Day, 2020? As of now, only the Ghost of Christmas Future knows that.

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