The addictingly challenging platformer Celeste is receiving the long-awaited ‘Chapter 9’ DLC for free this week.

Announced in a developer blog last Thursday, the titular Matt Thorson of Matt Makes Games Inc. stated that Celeste’s farewell DLC would be releasing on September 9th. Celeste’s Chapter 9 expansion features over 100 new levels (with total game levels reaching over 800), an additional 40 minutes of music being added to the game by Lena Raine, as well as some new items and mechanics to be featured in the additional chapter.

Since the update is free and rolled out, players will only need to complete the game up to Chapter 8 in order to access the newly released chapter. Thorson also pointed out that there won’t be any B-Side versions of stages in the new expansion, just the additional chapter.

Aside from the new expansion, Thorson also announced that they’re rebranding their studio to “Extremely OK Games, Ltd.” (EXOK) instead of Matt Makes Games Inc. Thanks to the success of Celeste and previously Towerfall, the team has moved to a brand new studio in Vancouver. EXOK is also working on their next project, but didn’t really state anything other than it’s incredibly early in the process and that they’d post updates periodically in their newsletter and on social media.

It’s fair to assume that Celeste will continue to challenge players up until the very end, so these new items/mechanics should ramp up the difficulty, especially for those who haven’t played in quite a while.

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