Overlord Vol. 11 Review

Title: Overlord Vol. 11
Author: Kugane Maruyama (Story), Hugin Miyama (Art)
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Genre: Shounen, Battle
Publication Date: September 24, 2019

The Story

Volume eleven of Overlord begins with a meeting between Sebas, Demiurge, and Ainz over Sebas’ hiding of the information of protecting Tsuare and starting an altercation with the eight fingers. The fate of Tsuare is decided but before that fate could be carried out, the eight fingers, who want revenge over Succurante’s embarrassment, kidnap her. Ainz orders an operation to rescue Tsuare and stamp out the eight fingers, which only ends up being phase one of a bigger plan that has not had many details shed upon it just yet.

Meanwhile, Princess Renner amasses her forces to strike at the eight fingers as well; however, her goals are a bit different than Ainz’s. In fact, we learn just a little bit about Princess Renner… something we probably have seen coming by now. The volume then ends with the battle between Climb/Brain/– actually, scratch that. The battle between Sebas and all of the eight fingers because let’s face it… this was the Sebas show from the very start! All others were simply just decoration! However, the battle may be over but something is amiss. A wall of fire razing in the middle of the city!


The story didn’t really progress too far in this volume but that’s perfectly okay. The story spent its time resolving all of the issues that it set up over the last two volumes. The resolution was a bit short but it was really sweet. It did bother me that they conveniently gathered all of the targets in one area rather than focusing on multiple raids but it made sense with the kidnapping note left for Sebas. Of course, we still need to see what Demiurge meant by Gehenna being phase two of the plan which I’m sure we will see next volume. I’m also pretty sure that’s what the fire was at the end of this volume.


We really didn’t get much development from most of our characters here (save for one). We did learn Tsuare’s full name and it also did build upon her relationship with Sebas. I kind of like where this is going which makes me wonder how it will turn out in the end. Hopefully, it doesn’t mean Tsuare just becoming a side character for a quick appearance every now and then.

The big development here came with Princess Renner. I don’t want to spoil too much but we did see her true personality and intentions come to light. All the signs and symbols were there since her introduction so even without me spoiling anything, you could probably guess what her true objectives were. You might say that she is more than willing to CLIMB over any obstacle to get what she wants. In fact, once you see the lengths she is willing to go in order to obtain her desires, you’re going to see her in a much different light!

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this volume of Overlord because it offered a look into Ainz’s human side. Sparing Tsuare and recognizing the relationship between her and Sebas was something only his human side would feel. One of the qualms I had, though, was the fact that we really didn’t see Sebas truly let loose on the eight fingers. A few quick hits there and it was a complete one-sided victory. I would have loved to have seen him use a powerful spell to wipe them all out in a single shot to truly display his power as a minion of Nazarick! Still, Sebas ends up as one of my favorite characters because of his poise and dignity but his amazing level of skill. Looking forward to how he and Tsuare fare together in Nazarick.


The whole Gehenna plan by Demiurge still remains a mystery and that is serving as the hook to get us into volume 12. No doubt that fire plays a part in it which makes you wonder just what Demiurge is up to and why he can’t include Sebas in on that plan. The fact that he was intentionally left out of it has to have some sort of extra meaning behind it. It just can’t be as simple as not being needed for that portion of it. Whatever Demiurge is doing, it has to be something that directly affects Sebas. The whole portion of the book where the two of them squabbled seems more than just fun character play. I bet there is more than meets the eye but I guess we’ll have to wait until the next volume to see.

Overall great read! Overlord continues to stick out among the isekai crop as something a bit familiar yet unique!

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