Fortnite keeps getting crossover after crossover after crossover. Avengers, Borderlands, Stranger Things, and the NFL have all made appearances in the wildly popular online battle royale game, but now it seems like Batman might be the next on that list.

A number of Batman-themed items have been datamined in the latest Fortnite update, hinting that the crossover could be coming very soon. Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi shared several details about what we can expect from the event, including images of new items that will be added to the game with the new update. An explosive batarang and Batman grapnel gun have both been leaked as potential items, and a bundle of Batman cosmetics should be available for purchase for $20. The crossover may even see Titled Towers redesigned to resemble Gotham City for a short time.

On top of all these leaks, it appears that a batarang has been spotted in game at Tilted Towers according to FortniteJPNews on Twitter. The lobby music for the event has been leaked as well. It looks like this crossover is 100% real and will be live in Fortnite very soon. This upcoming Saturday, September 21, is Batman Day, and I could think of no better time to launch a Batman crossover event than the celebration of the caped crusader’s 80th anniversary.

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