After much anticipation, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part II finally has a release date, and it’s sooner than you might think.

Set for late-February of next year, players will finally get a glimpse into what’s in store for a grown-up Ellie and a grown-old Joel, five years after the events of the first game. Along with a confirmed release date of February 20, the trailer is also loose continuation of the E3 demo from 2018 and seems to shed light on potentially what forces Ellie to become as violent as she’s been depicted so far.


After E3’s technically impressive gameplay demo from last year, it’s been relatively quiet from The Last of Us: Part II in terms of news. It’s hard to tell exactly what this second chapter is going to be like, other than trailers depicting the game as very violent and causing some mild controversy because of that. Ellie being relatively all-grown-up, now it seems like she’s taking on way more than she can handle, but is fueled by revenge by a seemingly tragic end to her teased love interest, seemingly orchestrated by a member of the Fireflies.

Given the relatively sparse marketing the game has received so far, it’s easy to forget this game has been in development for longer than it seems. For it to be coming out as early as February 20, 2020 is a welcome surprise for a game so highly anticipated that seemed further away.

We’ll be hearing more from The Last of Us: Part II tomorrow during their “Outbreak Day” media event, where media coverage and impressions of an exclusive gameplay demo will be released throughout the day from major outlets and influencers in the industry.


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