Crunchyroll and Fathom Events announced that Konasuba will be the next title for Crunchyroll Movie Night! Tickets for the event are on sale today! The Konosuba Legend of Crimson movie will run in over 600 theaters across the country on Tuesday, November 12 at 7 PM local time. The U.S. theatrical debut of the film will offer fans an exclusive interview with Jun Fukushima (voice actor of Kazuma) and Rie Takahashi (voice actor of Megumin) to give fans a behind the scenes look at the new film.

Crunchyroll describes Konosuba: Legend of Crimson as follows:

“I want to have your babies, Kazuma!” This unexpected confession from Yunyun, a girl from Megumin’s hometown of Crimson Demon village, triggers a series of events that has the party facing their greatest threat yet. Hilarity and adventure awaits in “KONOSUBA Legend of Crimson”!

“Crunchyroll Movie Nights are a powerful way for anime fans to connect with other fans in the Crunchyroll community,” said Mary Franklin, head of events, Crunchyroll. “We are excited to present this new ‘Konosuba’ film for them, which we’re bringing to the U.S. only months after its premiere in Japan.”


In celebration of the film’s release, Crunchyroll will be releasing an exclusive capsule collection in early November from their Crunchyroll Loves brand. There will be six items to collect with one of them being a special t-shirt which can be previewed below:

In addition, Crunchyroll Digital Drops, a new app from Crunchyroll, is releasing a sticker collection in celebration of the event. The limited “Konosuba”-themed sticker pack released today (9/24) features chibi-style art of Kazuma and the adventuring party, and can be found by downloading the app at Fans should stay tuned for additional limited edition Digital Drops stickers that will only be given away in theaters.

To purchase tickets to the event, head on over to and grab yours today!


A trailer for the movie can be seen below:

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