If you’re one of the many people who have been loving your time with Remedy’s Control (like us!), then fret not, much more content is on the way, including an expansion that may have ties to one of Remedy’s older titles.

In a community blog post, some details about Control‘s post-launch support were shared, including a fully-fledged roadmap with two full paid expansions. Those aren’t due out until 2020, but there are some smaller features coming to the game in the next few months that are pretty noteworthy.

Photo mode is coming later this fall, but there aren’t any details available at the moment. In December, Control is getting a brand-new game mode called “expeditions.” Expeditions are challenging new endgame content in which Jesse helps Security Chief Arish explore the “Formation,” which houses some of the toughest challenges in the Oldest House. Expeditions will come in a free update, but you will need the best gear and abilities to stand a chance.



The two paid expansions are called “The Foundation” and “AWE.” The Foundation is the first of the two and is slated to drop sometime early next year. This expansion will see Jesse learning the history of the Oldest House as she explores the Foundation beneath the Bureau itself per the request of the secretive Board. This expansion should answer some of the things that were left a bit open-ended about Control and provide some neat insight into the game’s fascinating lore.

AWE is the real kicker here, though. This expansion sends Jesse to the Investigations Sector, a brand new area in the Oldest House. This is the location in which the Bureau closely examines Altered World Events or AWEs. If you look closely at the image for the expansion on the roadmap, you might notice some similarities to one of Remedy’s older games. The top half of the text looks pretty similar to the cover of Alan Wake, and with multiple easter eggs and documents in Control hinting that the two games share the same universe, it’s likely that the AWE expansion might connect the stories in a more concrete manner.

Both expansions are scheduled to release in 2020. They’re both included in the Control Season Pass, which will set you back $25.


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