Black Clover Vol. 17 Review

Title: Black Clover Vol. 17
Author: Yuki Tabata
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Genre: Shounen, Battle
Publication Date: September 3, 2019

The Story

Volume 17 of Black Clover is another action-packed volume. When we last left off, The Eye of the Midnight Sun’s plan was revealed which meant that they were looking to take their fallen ancestors and transplant their souls into any and all elves currently in the world. This means that some of our beloved characters have been mind-controlled (so to speak) and are attacking Asta and company. Asta tries to fight back but his anti-magic sword doesn’t really do much for him here.

Licht confronts Asta and his power is beyond what Asta can handle. He gets sent out of their base the hard way… by being ejected through its surface, making a pretty big hole in the bottom of it. Yuno also seemed to be affected by the possession as he bears the marks that the other elves have but he’s completely fine and is acting like himself… at least for now (I’m pretty suspicious of it. There’s no way he’ll keep those marks and continue to be himself.)


Possessed Luck feels like causing some damage and leaves the base and does just that. The volume ends with Asta coming in contact with Luck and a new battle seems to be on the horizon.

I like the little twist here of facing off against your friends. Even though it is a tad bit cliché, it makes you feel like you’re reading a tournament arc minus the tournament. Friends turning on friends can produce some great battles and this has been no exception as this entire volume has been filled with it. It was also good to see that Asta is no match for Licht as of yet. It would have been pretty pathetic to have it end right then and there. This is the big payoff battle and in a series that’s obviously going to be around for a very long time, it makes no sense to conclude this battle now. The funny thing is… the 17th volume of a manga is typically an endpoint for most series so it could have been believable in any other series not named Black Clover but due to its popularity, I’m sure this is going to be the next Naruto/Bleach/One Piece, if it’s not already there and considered so by now.


Usually, you don’t get much development in a battle arc. The only thing that stood out that despite being possessed, all of our elven characters seemed to retain their personalities. That seemed a bit odd that they would be inhabited by the so-called spirits of the past but still act like themselves? Maybe I’m misunderstanding the whole soul resurrection ritual? Is Licht just merely using the elves of today to build himself the society that was taken away from him long another and nothing more? Still, it does give these friend vs friend battles a more personal touch. Luck is clearly evident as his personality was turned up to eleven here at the end!

Final Thoughts

Another high-action, high-impact edition of Black Clover. I like how the wild battle took a bit of a lull when Asta got ejected from their fortress only to immediately pick back up again. It gave you the impression that the battle was over and that things would simmer down… people would regroup… and a new plan would be formulated but in comes Luck to stir the pot and continue the action well into the final pages.


One thing is for certain… the action isn’t stopping and will be continuing on into volume 18! Let’s go, guy!

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