Will we finally see Rocksteady’s next game at Gamescom 2019?

Could we finally find out what’s going with the upcoming WB Games Montreal game?

Well, if this tweet is to be believed, then I believe we will. According to this, WB Games Montreal are getting ready to announce the next Batman game. Which has been a long time coming, especially since there was a fury of rumors going around not too long ago as to what this project was going to be?

Not to mention that the studio has missed two straight E3 events, despite promising to be there. Only to pull out at the last moment. Seeing how Gamescom 2019 is right around the corner, and that they missed E3 2019. This would be the perfect time to announce the next game.

A game that will need to be damn near perfect, as Marvel’s superhero title, Spider-Man, has won over the hearts of superhero gaming fans. Even myself, who had reservations about the game. I never imagined it would one-up the fantastic Batman games from Rocksteady, and yet Insomanic did just that.

Batman you're needed again

So you better believe that Rocksteady has been keeping tabs as to what’s going on in the superhero gaming scene. Which is why I feel that they wanted to show of this title, whatever it is, before had. But they wanted to make sure it was ready. Hoping Gamescom 2019 is when we’ll finally see the next adventure for the Dark Knight.

Then there are the few hints that have been dropped over the past few months. One from Kevin Conroy, who may be returning to voice Batman. Then those rumors that have pointed to this game being called Batman: Arkham Crisis. Word is this game would be larger than the previous titles, and would include expanded sidequests and even feature the Batwing. Of course, these are all rumors, but with Gamescom close, we could finally get the official announcement.

C’mon Rocksteady and WB Games, don’t let us down!

Gamescom 2019 takes place from August 20 – 24, 2019, and will be held in Cologne, Germany.

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