Just when you thought that there would be a down week in wrestling, we get ALL THE NEWS! And thankfully, J.J. is back from illness and ready to talk!

Obviously, the biggest news of the week is the fact that NXT is coming to USA in less than a month! What does this mean for WWE at large? Does this mean that NXT is the true “third brand” of WWE? What will it mean for the superstars? We discuss it all!

Then, there is the big debate, do you watch NXT or AEW on Wednesday night? And does this mean that WWE really is counter-programming AEW? We debate!


On the AEW side, Moxley is out, Pac is in, the Lucha Bros may be in trouble, and more! Finally, Raw/Smackdown had the King of the Ring tournament start, but was it a good start? The guys discuss!

So get in on the wrestling action and join the 450 Wrestling Podcast!

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