It’s weird to think that there are Stephen King properties that haven’t been adapted yet but there are a select few. One of them is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon but it won’t be in that category for much longer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Romero, the former wife of late horror filmmaker George A. Romero, It producer Roy Lee, Jon Berg of Vertigo Films, and Ryan Silbert of Origin Story  are all working to produce a film based on the book.

The book follows young Trisha McFarland who ends up lost after her mother and brother bicker during a hike. Trisha gets lost pretty quickly, however, and soon she starts imaging she’s being stalked by The God of the Lost, a faceless figure. She also imagines talking to Tom Gordon, a baseball player she likes, and who inspires her to keep going.


There are few details about the crew. George A. Romero was original set to direct before his untimely passing, but Chris really wanted to revive the project and see it to fruition. Thus far, no director or screenwriter are attached to the project.

“I’m thrilled that my book is being brought to the screen, and that George’s company is involved. Chris (Romero) has worked long and hard to make this project happen,” King said in a statement.

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