Welcome back to yet another fun-filled, yet off the wall episode of the Spectator Mode Podcast. Hope you got that popcorn ready!

Just like clockwork, we start off with games we’ve played this past week, which is always interesting. Then we moved on to Gamescom 2019 and game announcements we were looking forward to and disappoints on games that didn’t surface. That includes Death Stranding, Need for Speed Heat and the lack of a new Resident Evil game. We eventually segway into why we felt Gamescom 2019 was lacking and why companies aren’t really excited to jump into new IPs. Moving on to more depressing news, we touch on the layoffs that affected the GameInformer magazine and the decline of Gamestop. We also weigh in on if Battlefield V and is its days numbered now that Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) is almost here.

That and more in this episode of Spectator Mode Podcast.

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