Update: Sadly, this was all rumor. The deal never happened and Spider-Man movies are once again, is solely the property of Sony Pictures. He’s gone from the MCU for the forseeable future.

Ever since it was announced that Sony and Disney couldn’t come to a deal regarding Spider-Man’s MCU future, that the superhero was seemingly gone from the universe. This didn’t sit well with the fans and with typical flair, the internet didn’t take this news very well. Petitions were made, angry tweets were seen and hundreds of articles talking about the fall of Spider-Man and how the MCU was doomed were created. Even a popular condom maker got in on the chaos. I was also a bit bummed, being the Spider-Man I am.

However, there looks to be some good news after all this. While this is still rumored, it seems that there’s an agreement between the two companies. There’s a lot of moving pieces with this agreement, but it does look favorable between the two.


Now, bear with me, there’s a lot of stuff being tossed around here.

  • A new 6-picture deal with Tom Holland
  • Upcoming trilogy will focus on Peter Parker’s college years, with Firestar and Iceman being part of the series. Yes, the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends!
  • 2 more Avenger films with Spider-Man
  • Possible friendship with the Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm. Who happens to be good friends with Peter/Spider-Man in the comics.
  • Marvel will co-finance all Spider-Man movies and will receive 30% of the profits, instead of the original asking 50%.
  • Venom will end up in the MCU.
  • Sony will get permission to create live-action TV shows based on the SpiderVerse. Sony only has movie rights, not TV show rights.
  • Disney would get rights to distribute digital and online rights of Spider-Man movies on Disney networks.
  • Disney also wants this deal to be completed before this weekend….. which happens to be when D23 is.

And the kicker is a recent image that showed up on Instagram with both Tom Holland and RDJ, stating that they did it. What exactly did they do?


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Now, this may all seem far-fetched, however, it’s great news if true. We’ll find out as Disney’s D23 Expo takes place this weekend (August 23-25) and there just happens to be a Walt Disney Studios Panel. If any of these rumors are true, we’ll find out during this panel.


Between me and you, I hope the rumors are correct. Having Spider-Man in the MCU just felt right and the marriage of Disney/Marvel and Sony provided the best live-action versions of the superhero. Though, Sony did an amazing job with Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse.

Stay tuned true believers!

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