The Saints Row franchise is a very curious one in video game history. It was the first to be a true knockoff of GTA, which many thought at the time wouldn’t be possible. Yet not only did they do it, they basically made it their own thing. Focusing on street gangs instead of solo characters doing their own things. By the time they got to their third title, they did a complete 180 from what GTA was doing, and Saints Row The Third not only was the best-selling title in the franchise, but one that got many Game of the Year nominations for being just so over-the-top crazy.

There was a fourth title in the franchise, and it did well enough, but it didn’t match the success of the third one. And with that, the franchise ended (after DLC and another expansion or two). That is, until THQ Nordic made a reveal that a new game in the Saints Row franchise is coming!

What’s more, it’s being developed by Volition, who created the franchise and made all the content for it. They also noted that the team at Volitions is deep into development of the game. So technically speaking, that could mean that we get a look into the game in the near future, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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