D23 continues to crank out news that makes the fans of all kinds happy. And now, a long-desired project has officially been announced for Disney+! None other than Ms. Marvel is getting her own original series.

Not to be confused with Carol Danvers, who was Ms. Marvel then became Captain Marvel, the current Ms. Marvel (and the one in the series) is none other than Kamala Khan. She was a regular girl until the Terrigen Mists turned her into an Inhuman. A big fan of superheroes, she took the Ms. Marvel name and helped save the world a few times. As well as created and led the modern version of the Champions team. She was even an Avenger for a short time (before she quit to make the Champions).

Since her creation, Kamala has been a fan-favorite character because of her down-to-earth personality and her geekiness when it comes to her superhero compatriots. She’s also the first Muslim character in Marvel Comics history to lead her own series.

At present, no one has been cast as Kamala, nor has any release date or time table for the series been made.

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