Too little too late?

The ESA, the organization of the largest gaming convention in North America, hasn’t been having a good week. Thanks to a document that contained personal data of thousands of content creators and gaming journalists that was leaked via their website.

Now, the ESA wants to extend their apologies for this blunder, but is it too little way too late? According to those affected, an email was sent out that read as follows:

“The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) was made aware yesterday of a website vulnerability on the exhibitor portal section of the E3 website,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, a vulnerability was exploited and that list became public. We regret this happened and are sorry.”

The message goes on to explain that the details on the leaked list are intended to be used by ESA members and exhibitors, so they can invite media to their events and arrange interviews.

“For more than 20 years there has never been an issue,” it adds. “When we found out, we took down the E3 exhibitor portal and ensured the media list was no longer available on the E3 website. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and have already taken steps to ensure this will not happen again.”

As you can imagine, this is likely the organization trying to do some damage control. Which in my eyes simply isn’t enough. This apology isn’t going instantly make all the damage this has caused to go away and I’m sure there are plenty of people who have contacted a lawyer regarding this.


We’re still following this story as it develops.

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