Crunchyroll announced new exclusive merchandise featuring Junji Ito as well as merchandise for Crunchyroll Expo!

“This year’s Crunchyroll Expo collection is destination themed. I wanted our line to have an urban city feel to represent New Crunchy City, and the businesses our fans are going to interact with onsite,” said Kristin Parcell, the director of ecommerce at Crunchyroll. “When our fans travel to another city, they might pick up a shirt or a momento from the places they visit – we want the Crunchyroll Expo experience to be the same; so that no matter where our fans travel afterwards, they will always remember the excitement and camaraderie of CRX.”

Parcell added, “We also worked closely with Suede from HUF to make sure our collection had the streetwear vibe we know our fans love.”


For Junji Ito, Crunchyroll is offering up two long sleeve t-shirts (one unisex, one women’s), a hoodie, hat, and sticker sets with exclusive designs. They will also be offering commissioned 10″ x 14.25″ art pieces for the Junji Ito autograph session or as a framed keepsake.

Crunchyroll also made note that there will be a Junji Ito skateboard for sale but it is not part of the exclusive collection. The skateboard can be purchased online at the Crunchryoll store or through other retailers.

Suede, a HUF designer, worked with Crunchyroll to produce the exclusive line of merchandise for the expo. CRX gear includes eight different t-shirts, an enamel pin set, and a sticker.


This year, you can expect a Crunchyroll Hime Maid Cafe, New Crunchy City Fireworks Co., and Ramen Bar as part of their destination line. This year’s expo runs from August 30 through September 1 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. If you are interested in attending, you can purchase your tickets online here!

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