Crunchyroll Games has announced that RWBY: Crystal Match is available today for FREE on iOS and Android devices! RWBY: Crystal Match is a match-three puzzle game featuring characters from the popular RWBY Chibi series from Rooster Teeth. RWBY Chibi is a comedy spinoff from the RWBY franchise and is available to stream on Rooster Teeth and VRV, while the main RWBY series is available on Rooster Teeth and Crunchyroll.

The game features nearly 1,000 levels and eight different characters with unique powers to destroy obstacles. Fans can customize their favorite RWBY characters with up to seven different interchangeable outfits.

Several features are planned for future updates such as guilds, new characters, additional customizable outfits, new game modes such as battle royale and more!

To download the game or get more information on it, check out the official website by going here:


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